Short Workshop in Photography

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The short workshop in photography is addressed mainly to those who want to better control their camera and apply some basic techniques, without going too much into technical details. The workshop is for both film and digital photography. A reflex camera is not required. A compact point and shoot digital camera is sufficient.

The workshop is distributed over an entire day. It will be held outdoors. The location may vary depending on the clients’ requests and the workshop itself. In case of rain, the workshops can be given under canvas cover. Most workshops are followed by a practice session where you will be able to apply the techniques learned during the workshops. A guide / photographer will be available on location to answer questions and give advice and suggestions. This concept allows learning at your level of knowledge in photography. This way, you can push your learning further if you are up to it.

We hope that you will find all the information needed. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

It would be a pleasure to meet you.


The workshop will be given from 9am to 5pm. An hour is planned for lunch.

09h00 Welcome
09h30 Workshop 1 - Know your camera
10h30 Break / Practice session
11h30 Workshop 2 - Elements to be careful of
12h30 Lunch time
13h30 Workshop 3 - Tricks and tips
15h00 Break / Practice session
17h00 End of workshop


Workshop 1 - Know your camera

This workshop will teach you how to better control your camera. If there are functions you have trouble with, they can be explained to you. Bring your camera manual. This will help your instructor to understand your camera.

Workshop 2 - Elements to be careful of

In this workshop we will look globally at some elements, often ignored by photographers, which have a big impact on the final picture.

Workshop 3 - Tricks and tips

During this workshop we will see different useful tools and techniques that can easily improve the pictures.

Suggested equipment

Clothing and outdoor equipment

Strongly recommended

  1. Good coat or raincoat to cut the wind and protect from rain
  2. Good shoes or boots for hiking
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Folding chair
  5. Hat
  6. Water bottle
  7. Sun screen
  8. Your smile!

Photography equipment


  1. Digital or film camera, reflex or point and shoot
  2. If you shoot film, 1 color or black and white film


  1. Spare memory cards or films
  2. Pencil with a notepad
  3. Your other photographic accessories (lens, flash, filters, batteries, etc.)
  4. Your tripod (strongly suggested)
  5. Photo carrying bag
  6. Pad for kneeling in wet grass if you plan on photographing subjects at ground level